Using Smart Devices to Help Make Education Better? That’s Our Thing.

I started working in education building online courses. Distance education. eLearning. That kind of thing.

Most of the students I worked with thought, “Hey, this is great but… I wish I could see a real teacher more.

Hmmm, I thought. That’s kind of interesting.

So then I started helping out teachers who were really hands-on, working pretty much only in a classroom or workshop. Their students said, “I like this but… I wish more of my notes were online.

Hmmm, I thought. That’s interesting too.

A few years of these experiences made me realise; almost no student wants it completely one way or the other. Everyone wants a learning experience that combines the best parts of technology, mixed with the best parts of a great educator right there in front of them.

Trouble is, sometimes it’s hard to get those two things to play nice together. But you know what? In the last few years, I’ve seen it. There’s a bunch of devices that are quietly smashing the divide between educators & technology. You’ve almost definitely used one of these devices before.

I’m talking about tablet & mobile devices. iPads. Smartphones. Portable, sharable touch-screen devices. When used in education the right way, paired up with a great teacher, they are an absolutely unbeatable combination.

So after many years of working with educators inside learning organisations, I decided to go out and start my own business dedicated to getting this mix right.

It’s called Go Make. We do training. We do consultancy. We’ll even do a little bit of product development, if you ask nice. But most of all, we help great teachers & trainers become even better by helping them discover how education technologies can work for them.

So check out the site. Take a look at some of the services we offer & projects we’ve worked on. Most of all, please get in touch if you’re a learning organisation just making a start on a new ed-tech journey. With a bit of luck, we can make the trip together.


James Croft
James Croft
Go Make